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The Contradiction that is The Fool

The Benjy!
26 August 1978
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The Benjy - Seeker of decadence and things unusual.

Life, a dream within a dream.
My greatest moment was when i realised i was nothing.
My strength, knowing my weakness.

The Fool am I
absinthe, acting_the_fool, adrenaline rushes, alice in wonderland, astrojax, blue things, body piercing, chav baiting, clubbing, collecting absinthe bottles, cooking, covenant, devilstick, ebm, electro, elipses, exhibitionism, gargoyles, geiger, haiku, hard house, lindy hop, magpies, manu chao, mc esher, mesh, monkeys!, orbital, pop will eat itself, psytrance, roller coasters, s&m, self-reliant women, shibari, slating csi miami, the_house_of_monkeys, thunderstorms, ultimate frisbee, understanding_the_power_of_big_slacks, urban letterboxing, uv, vnv nation, women_with _their_own_personalities, yo-yos, zebras